Raidan Travel & Tours                                                     Raidan Travel & Tours established in 2004 purposely to promote Tourism to Sudan
 and with its experienced management planning to be one of the leading Tour
Operators in the near future, Raidan Tours is very pleased to welcome you in Sudan
 and to provide all tourist services and  facilities, following is an indication for our
 services .                  

Sudan                                                                               Sudan , is the largest country in Africa, situated on the north eastern side of the continent
 at 4 & 21 North Latitude and 21 & 38 East longitude, comprising an area of 2.5 million km2.
 The Sudan is essentially a country of vast plains, such as the Amatong in the South and
the Red Sea hills in the East. The country is bordered by nine countries: Egypt and Libya
from the North, Chad and Central Africa from the West, Zaire, Uganda, and Kenya from
the South, Ethiopia and Eritrea from the south east .                                                                                                    


Algamhuria st.

Republic of Sudan

Tel: +249 183798547/48

+249 120820009
Fax: +249 155 221 928
Mobile: +249 9 1230 1928

>>In programe , Day 1. arrival to Khartoum airport, assistance at the airport and  transfer to the hotel







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