Sudan is the largest country in Africa, situated on the north eastern side of the continent at 4 & 21 North Latitude and 21 & 38 East longitude, comprising an area of 2.5 million km2. The Sudan is essentially a country of vast plains, such as the Amatong in the South and the Red Sea hills in the East. The country is bordered by nine countries: Egypt and Libya from the North, Chad and Central Africa from the West, Zaire, Uganda, and Kenya from the South, Ethiopia and Eritrea from the south east.Sudan enjoys various tourist resources due to the availability of enormous capabilities. It considered as one of the richest African countries in wild life, and Nile natural scenery which encourages tourism investment.The Nile the longest river in the World (6.671 km) and its tributaries penetrate the country for about 1.700 km, and constitute the main natural resources for economic and agricultural development.The capital Khartoum with its Khartoum International airport is connected by air to practically every part of the world. Sudan airways fly to the main European cities and most of the Arabian airlines fly to Khartoum such as Egypt air, Royal Jordanian, Saudi airlines, Emirates, Qatar airlines, Syrian airlines, Yemenia, gulf air etc.. in addition to African airlines Ethiopian airlines, Kenyan airways, also Lufthansa is flying Khartoum several times a week. The connections within the country are provided by air, rail, and road services, beside ofcourse the Nile.
The visitor to Sudan is friendly welcome by the Sudanese with smiling face who are eager to know about the foreigners, he will find a wide variety of interests ranging from Pyramids, wildlife to archaeology in addition to folklore and handicrafts.

                                 The Dinder national park (6.475 km2) is one of the largest in the World. There are lions, Giraffes, leopards, kudus, bushbuck and antilope etc.. together with several species of birds such as guinea fowl, vultures, pelicans, stroks, king-fishers and the beatify crown cranes. High season (December – April).
The Southern Region is characterized by green forests, open parkland, water falls and treeless swamps a bounding with birds and wild animals and the almost extinct shoebill.
The Red Seas, with the transparency of its water, the variety of its fish and the charm of its marine gardens and coral reefs, is one of the Sudan’s main tourist attractions. There are places like the busy port Sudan, Suakin famous during the ottoman era, the Arous Tourist Village, at thirty miles north of Port Sudan. Erkowit at 1.200m above sea levelsituated in Eastern Sudan, and Jabal (mountain)Marra more than 3.048 m. situated in western Sudan are two famous holiday mountain resorts. Erkowit is covered with evergreen vegetation and on jebel Marra there are waterfalls and volcanic lakes. It is an area of outstanding scenic beauty.
The Archaeological areas stretch along the two banks of the river Nile north of Khartoum to Wadi Halfa. The Monuments of Bajrawiya, Naqa, Musawarat Es Sufra,
El Kurru, Nuri, Jebel Barkel and Meroe are among the most fascination ithe whole area.
The climate is variable ranging from tropical sub-humid in the South to the Sahara Arabian climate in the North. The climate is hot and rainy during April – October and pleasantly warm from November – March. The large variation the climate and soil has been reflected in the rich flora and fauna of the country and the high diversity of its ecological habitat. Best time for visiting Sudan October through April.
The officifal language is Arabic which the language of the majority in addition to the local dialect. English is widely spoken.
Religion: The majority are of Islamic faith, there are also Christians and Pagans.
Population: The total population is 30.000.000, 80% of them live in rural areas mainly on the Nile valley and the capital (Khartoum). People are peace loving and friend


All foreigners must obtain visas from Sudanese Embassis in their respective countries and as the country is opened from tourism the visa is easy to obtain.

Currency: The currency is the Sudanese Dinar, currently (2004) US$1 = 260 Dinar

Local time: GMT + 2 hours
Weekly closing day: Friday
Working hours: 08.00 – 14.00 government offices
Banks: 09.00 – 12.30 Electricity: 220 Volt
Dress: Light Cloths, preferably cotton.
Photographers and kinly requested to obtain a free permission from the tourist office
Registeration of Passport at Passport Authority: within 3 days of arrival date.

   There are a variety of accommodation mainly in Khartoum:
Alsalam Rotana Hotel - Khartoum 5*
Borj Alfatih Hotel - khartoum 5*
Pullman hotel 5* - Khartoum
Grand Holliy villa hotel 5* - Khartoum
Regency hotel 4* - Khartoum
Alferdous hotel 4* - Khartoum
Acropol hotel 3* - Khartoum
Mercure hotel 5* Portsudan
Palace hotel 3* Portsudan

The capital Khartoum, is situated at the confluence of the Blue and White Niles.
With Omdurman the old national capital and Khartoum North if forms one unit called the ‘the Trhree town capital’ it has a population of about 5,000.000
Among the tourist attrachtions the are the Omdurman Camel market (on Saturdays) and the handiucrafts Souk (market) where the visitor could find every item of local handicrafts from carved ivory and ebony to reptile skins, silver and gold jewelry too. One can even find giant ostrich eggs and a rich variety of handmade straw. Objects, a good selection of Sudanese handicrafts is to be found also in several shops in the entre and the reception halls of most important hotels.
Particulary noteworthy from the historic and artistic point of view is a visit to the well organised Sudan National Museum. This museum contains archaeological treasures dating back to 4.000 B.C. and earlier. A visit to the Khalifa’s House Museum will reward those who are interested in Sudan recent history – the glorious period of the triumph and reign of the Mahdi (1881 – 1899). In addition to the Ethnography and Natural History Museum.
A trip along the nile or the Dam at Jebel Awliya where the Nile is especially rich if fish, are unforgetable experiences, sunset on the river is a unique spectacle.